Honeycomb Hook-on

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It consists of mainly square or rectangle aluminum panel with a special edge profile which allows the panel to rest and hook onto each other. Hence enabling the ceiling system to withstand strong wind uplift or high wind velocity/suction.

Hook-on ceiling system is applied to areas where there is strong wind encounter or pressure such as tunnel, underground or above ground railway station.


Thickness  : Min. 1.2mm ~ 3mm

Standard size  :
600mm x 600mm
600mm x 1200mm

Perforation Type  :
1.8mm ∅ holes with pitch: 3.3mm diagonal pattern giving min, 19% open area.
2.5mm ∅ holes with pitch: 5.5mm square  pattern giving min, 16% open area.
6.0mm ∅ holes with pitch: 8.5mm diagonal pattern giving min, 40% open area.
Other range of perforation holes and opening is available upon request.
(all perforated panel comes with acoustic tissue inlay)

Colour  : Powder coated with non-toxic polyester paint in standard RAL colour.

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