About Us

Welcome to Dynaflex International Pte Ltd, leading supplier of acoustical aluminium ceilings. Dynaflex International is established in 1999 and based in Singapore.

Dynaflex’s core principle is sound reduction, fire safety, and many designers are now featuring Dynaflex’s aluminium ceilings for their high performance acoustic properties as well as their trendy shapes.

The Dynaflex range includes Clip-in, Lay-in, Cell, Linear Strip and custom designed ceilings.  They can form full ceilings, infills, ‘floating’ or feature panels for ceilings, walls and decorative items, with low weight loading and efficient acoustic performance.

Dynaflex, a leader in the interior design industry for over 20 years is a wholly Singapore owned company and in partnership with Talent Alumnium Ceilings, the Dynaflex range is now being used extensively throughout Singapore and overseas

Dynaflex International Pte Ltd distribute and design an extensive range of metal ceiling systems, marketed under the TALENT brand which are used in all types of commercial, industrial, residential, military and educational buildings.